Rosenker Lecture Series

October 18, 2018

"So a Liberal and a Conservative Walk Into a Bar.
No Joke: How to Disagree and Stay Friends in America Today."

Hon. Bradley A. Blakeman has served three U.S. Presidents, including President George W. Bush, where he served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Appointments and Scheduling, Vetting and Research. Mr. Blakeman has been involved in Republican politics for over four decades. He appears routinely in the press to offer commentary about contemporary politics. Currently he serves as co-principal of The 1600 Group. He teaches Politics and International Affairs at Georgetown University and contributes to its Global Education Institute.

Hon. David Goodfriend is a Former Deputy Staff Secretary to President Bill Clinton. He is also a frequent contributor to such news outlets as MSNBC and Fox News. He co-founded Air America Radio and co-hosted “Left Jab” on Sirius/XM. Currently, he is President of Goodfriend Government Affairs and is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law and George Washington Law schools. He is also a co-principal of The 1600 Group with the Hon. Blakeman.

The lecture series is designed to help participants work across deep political divisions in order to foster productive deliberations about pressing issues.

Video of the Lecture can be Found Here